Miss that Bootylicious? Get all you want in the Archive! – Daniela Florez

Booty on my mind and beautiful Daniela Florez in my view.

She’s still doing updates in TBF. Check out her archive from her solo site

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Nearly Naked – Heidy Model Breaks The Internet




They say this is 100% legal, I say it’s AWESOME!

Beautiful tiny teen glamour model Heidy is still knocking’em out with her slender figure and young features. (The braces are great too.)

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3rd time is a charm! I cannot get enough of these Young Fitness Models!




I know, I know, I know you guys hate when I post previews to the bonus sections but this update was just insane. Three of the sweetest tiny teens fighting for attention in a tiny jet boat.

The pics are in update bonus level 3 and the VIDEO, OMG the VIDEO is in bonus level 4! Not only does it feel great to download these cuties each week, but I feel a sense of responsibility knowing that they’re getting paid and they have a great shot at a high paying career…. And they’re pretty great to look at too. Onto the vidcaps!

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yfm_011-005 yfm_011-010 yfm_011-058

Always the hottest latin teenage girl models staying FIT!

Great updates and I cannot tell you guys enough about the bonus updates… Shozbot!

Sheer lingerie, the smallest bikinis mixed up with the most beautiful teenage models I’ve ever seen??? I have yet to find a better site for teen glamour.

Just the ‘SHEER’, size of the bank of photos and videos available to you in insane in this day an age. ¬†…. Shoot, there’s nothing else like it on the net!

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Teen Beauty Fitness, make it part of your daily workout!



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